We are families that come together to build hope for our children who has been diagnosed as DMD / BMD.

DMD Aileleri Derneği (can be translated in English as DMD Families Association) is a young and rapidly growing association which was established in Turkey in June 2019 by the families that fight together against Duchenne.

We closely follow the emerging treatment and care methods with the support of numerous scientists acting together with our association; establish continuous and effective contacts with the relevant units of the state; increase the awareness for DMD in the society by actively using all areas of life, especially in print media and online social platforms.

Everyone who operates under the DMD Families Association works on a voluntary basis. The directors of the association, our families who organize and participate in the events, our physicians who provide us information about care, and the famous people, institutions and organizations that support us do not have any financial interest.

Biz Kimiz
Biz Kimiz ve Eylemlerimiz

Our Vision

Improve the standarts of living for all DMD/BMD patients and to ensure access to approved treatments without any delay.

Our Mission

  • To raise awareness of families about the care of DMD patients, to include families in the struggle process in order to ensure that patients have the best physical and psycho-social conditions
  • To ensure the establishment of qualified health infrastructure for the care and treatment of individuals with DMD
  • DMD patients to have access to all kinds of medical devices and equipment that will increase their quality of life.
  • To inform the community about Duchenne in order to raise public awareness
  • To support the scientific studies and clinical trials that are conducted for the treatment of DMD and to encourage the scientists who contribute to these studies


DMD Aileleri is a member of various organizations to fight Duchenne in a more effective way in accordance with its vision and mission definition.

Treat NMD
World Duchenne
Rare Disease Network (Turkey)
Açık Açık STK

How Can You
Help Us?

You can support our association to be recognized more so that more people will be aware of Duchenne. (If you live in a different country than Turkey, you can assist DMD organizations in your country in the same way or have them contact us.)

Distribute our brochures and hang our posters around you. Become our volunteer to support our events that are held to raise awareness. Follow our social media accounts and spread our posts to those you know.

Please do no hesitate to contact us!